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Occasionally a friend or client will ask me what I like about my job, if I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s the easiest question to answer – I LOVE what I do. Since 2004 when I began offering massage therapy, I’ve been fortunate to make this a thriving career – making significant connections with people makes every day worth the small business owner sacrifices.

If I could convey one thing to my present and future clients, it’s that Specktra6 runs on a commitment to education – a dedication to advanced training that in turn empowers me to deliver calculated treatment no matter what skin health challenge you’re facing. On the flip side, if I come across something I am unfamiliar with, make no mistake, I will find an answer and provide a solution.

A friend of mine said sharing my professional skincare philosophy is important, so here goes! People go to the gym or the yoga studio to maintain their bodies – they understand that maintenance is the only option to achieve and enjoy optimal physical health, no matter the channel. Just like healthy eating and physical activity that leads to a strong body, beautiful skin is a process. I’m your expert who drastically improves the integrity of your skin, whether it be corrective or preventative. If you want to come in every six weeks for deep relaxation and hydration, that’s great, but if it’s a complete overhaul of home care and a progressive series of treatments you need, I’ll educate you on how we can work together to achieve your goals.

It’s important to me that every one of my clients leave Specktra6 feeling more comfortable in their skin than when they arrived – hopefully, that’s magnificent. Whether it’s a rejuvenating milk peel or helping you build a new skin care regimen, I’m committed to providing relief and results.

I look forward to seeing each of you again, or if you’re new, meeting for the first time!

Ginger Glomski

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