Your face should get on Specktra6’s A List™!

Coming soon to Specktra6’s Skin Care Product line up…

We are extremely excited to be offering our new Vitamin A serum lineup, “The A- List™.”

Vitamin A is an amazing ingredient in skin care. Our bodies can’t make their own A, we need to either get it from food, or to topically apply it.  To get the best results for you skin, Specktra6 recommends applying it via serums or moisturizers daily.

Topically applied vitamin As (retinol, retinyls) stimulate collagen and elastin production (there’s your anti-aging benefits!).  It also helps to regulate shedding within your pores, keeping them clear, which means clearer skin for you!

Keep on the lookout for Specktra6’s A-List Level 1™, A-List Level 2™, and A-List Level 3™

applying body lotion care cosmetic product


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