Hyperpigmentation, part 2

Age spots

You CAN have even toned skin again…

In my last blog, we talked about the importance of wearing an spf to help stop the pigmentation process.

Now we’ll talk about MSH, or melanin-stimulating hormone, and ingredients that help to block this from happening.

MSH Inhibitors
MSH stands for melanin-stimulating hormone. In response to ultraviolet light, it increases synthesis of melanin. MSH stimulates the production and release of melanin (a process referred to as melanogenesis)
There are 2 ingredients that can stop this process that I am familiar with, and they are SepiWhite™ and Daisy Blossom Extract.
SepiWhite ™ is a unique skin lightening agent made of natural amino acids with a lipid-residue. It can be found in Environ’s Clarifying Lotion, which I carry at Specktra6 here in Sheboygan.
Daisy Blossom Extract is botanically derived. Studies show that it effectively reduces skin pigmentation. It can be found in Specktra6’s own Brightening Cleanser and Brightening Essence.

You’ll see Daisy Blossom Extract come up again in future blogs about pigmentation- it works in at least 3 different ways, and in my opinion, making it a must-have ingredient.

Let me know if you want more information on these products!


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